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     Jacksonville is located in the northeast corner of the state on the Atlantic Ocean. Bisected by the gently flowing waters of the St. Johns River, Jacksonville is the hub of Florida's First Coast. As the 56th largest city in the U.S. with a population of over 700,000 residents, Jacksonville is 840 square miles of sun, fun, sand and surf.

     Jacksonville's climate offers year-round sports and recreational opportunities. Mild winters, cool in spring and fall, and warm summers are filled with lots of sunshine and are ideal for indoor and outdoor activities.

     Average temperatures in the winter range from 42 in the morning to 66 in the afternoon. In the spring, temperatures range from 55 at night to 79 daytime. Summer lows are 71 and summer highs are 90. In the fall, look for temperatures between 59 at night and 80 during the day. Snow is uncommon but has been seen in north Florida. The typical summer is hot with considerable humidity.

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     Mayport was commissioned in December 1942, and was approximately one quarter the size of the station today. The basin, dredged to 29 feet, was used by patrol craft, rescue boats, and jeep carriers. Reclassified as a Naval Sea Frontier Base in 1943, Mayport added a landing field and a fueling facility for submarines. Decommissioned at the end of the war, Mayport reactivated in 1948, and by 1955 added a master jet runway. As a naval station, Mayport served as an advance staging area during the Cuban missile crisis. Station ships have been involved in operations off the coasts of Lebanon, and Granada, and in the Persian Gulf. Helicopters at Naval Air Facility, established in 1982, joined the fleet at Mayport Naval Station in 1992. Today, Naval Station Mayport is home to 55 tenant commands and private organizations. Twenty ships are presently berthed in the Mayport basin, including the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy.

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     Information about Duval County public schools can be found at Education Central.